27 January 2009

Modular Trade Show Displays and Their Benefits

With the growth of trade show market the trade show technology has also improved considerably in last few years. One of the many advancements of new technology is the rise of modular trade show displays. These displays are adored by exhibitors due to being lightweight and extremely flexible.

Such modular exhibits can be reconfigured in size and shape if in case you have extra space in the upcoming trade show. Owners of modular displays have the flexibility to adjust their display booths as per the availability of space and various facilities.

Modular Trade Show Displays are available in various vibrant textures, brilliant colors, and various finish options. Some more of the many features of modular exhibits are monitor panels, countertops, storage area, backlit panels, and slatwall. Modular displays are a growing trend and wise investment. These display provide you company with the features of a custom booth minus the cost. If in the market for a new trade show exhibit be sure to checkout your modular display options.

07 January 2009

Busienss Marketing Articles

This is a list of random articles that I find interesting. These articles have no relevancy to current topics that have been covered on this blog. However, this blog is under new ownership and will focus on more business, marketing and advertising topics. Currently the articles primarily deal with the trade show convention industry.

Article List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I hope that you found these articles to be useful as well as interesting.

03 January 2009

PR2? How?

I am asking that myself. An email from my friend told me that this blog's PR rose from 1 to 2. I checked it using PR checker and yes it's indeed 2. But, PR banner on this blog shows that it's still 1 lol. Which is right? 
And I still don't know why this blog's PR rose from 1 to 2. Sheer luckiness?

21 December 2008

Firefox Quick Tip: Don't Install Bunch Of Addons...

I strongly advice you from installing addons that don't have daily uses. Install only the most necessary ones, (adblock plus, scrapbook, foxmark, WOT etc) since many add ons have memory leaks problem. This and Firefox's will slow down your computer's performance considerably. I had tried installing 50 or so addons and my Firefox's memory usage ranged around 400 to 500 MB.... That's a wicked amount...

13 December 2008

Blogger's New Feature: Geotagging.

To be honest, I haven't tried this much. I just recently discovered it from http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/2008/12/new-feature-geotagging.html.

But once I tried to 'geotag' my post...but the load time of this feature sure is too long. It loads the map and puts strain to your connection. Then again, maybe I still don't know the proper way to use it... heheh.

Just drop a line here if you find it useful and tell me what you used it for.

10 December 2008

Top Three Programming Languages: What And Why.

In this modern world, programming can't be avoided. People want to make their job as easy as possible, and the fastest way to do so is by utilizing a program specifically designed to help their job. To make it, we can pick one programming language among many. There are languages designed for web programming, and there are languages designed for application programming, but what's the most popular programming language on the world? Here they are:

1. PHP

Veryyyy obvious. It's fast and simple. Almost all popular websites are using this language. Compatible with popular database types (such as MySQL or SQL Server), making it's untouchable for web programming. I don't think even ASP.NET from Microsoft could compete with this PHP.

2. Visual Basic .NET

My favorite programming language was VB 6. But then, my company want to migrate to newer platform, so I have no choice but to re-learn everything from scratch. This VB .NET carries along its predecessor powers such as intuitive yet unobtrusive GUI and OOP as well.

3. Java

Cross platform capability is this programming language's main strength. Java can be found almost everywhere, on your PDA, on your computer etc... Java is also popular because it's free., unlike VB NET which needs license to be used. However, lack of good IDE like VB's makes it a little bit behind for application programming language. The web version of Java, JSP is still popular, though.

I could also expand this to top five list. If it was, I'd have included Delphi and C. :) Deplhi has a very good user interface while C is... well... the mother of all language. But oh... maybe Pascal too? :D

07 December 2008

New Poll Has Been Posted.

The idea came from my lil' brother. :P So thanks to him. I voted for 170 cm option, FYI.

06 December 2008

Saturday’s Random Rant (Part whateveryouknow)!

This week’s a very busy week. I hardly had a time to post here… *sigh* I don’t expect the next week to be the same. But … after a second thought, it would be the same. :( My boss gave me again programming job. That job… practically needs concentration, and since my office recently is very active, it tends to be noisy. Well duh, I shouldn’t complain, should I? The said program will be done on Visual Basic .NET 2005, so I don’t need to make new skin for that. Visual Basic 6 has a very pathetic skin if we compare it to Delphi, for example. If you want to beautify your program, you’d need external OCX to help you…and with it, I had a nightmare facing a program that got crashed many times. lollol, no external OCX EVER!

As for this blog, I’d like to post the new poll of the day tomorrow. I’ll try to stumble few websites to get a good idea for it. Well yeah… I am clueless right now. –_-; Do pity me, okay?

This is Saturday, means I should lessen the tension by… playing dota and notd of course! If you don’t know about NotD, shame on ye! *ahem* Do check this site to find out more about NotD. I only have 1700 or so exp for now. This is because I lost my former id that had over 30k exp, I need to use new account and this automatically reset my exp…. Boooohoooohoooo…

If you can play on Indogamers, do wisp me on ‘monyet_super’ account. I will gladly play with you. :) But I only play at night, so don’t try to find me on office hour lol.

Well then, imma play NotD nao. Have a nice weekend!

05 December 2008

Online Dota Parser.


So far, I've only tried that site and DW3GParser. The result's good enough and reliable. More than enough to catch those pesky leavers and stayers on Warcraft 3. :P

Poll of the Day #3 Results.

Nokia won gg thx... As to be expected from Nokia, eh? Here's the result:

13 (40%)
Sony Ericsson
12 (37%)
2 (6%)
3 (9%)
4 (12%)

And I will post the new poll the day after tomorrow (Sunday). Post your idea for the new poll here. Thank you.