07 September 2008

The Obligatory 'About Me.' Post.

Hueee... What can I say for myself here? Let's say, 23 years old mother and wife that has just passed her final exams to get her Master Degree....

There! Satisfied enough?

Ah well, I think I'll add more descriptions. :P Actually, I am just a weird emo, pathetic, loser... well add everything negative straits here, I don't mind. :D

I am 170 cm height and 60 kg weight. People say I am too... thin... (damn I am so depressed with that.). Of course, I've tried to eat more than I should but but but... I couldn't gain any significant body weight. *sigh*

Then... uh, I forgot what to post again. Lemme update this in the future.


wow said...

I don't like those about me posts. Usually I'm interested in the stuff people say neverthless who they are.Good for you to have a baout me post :)

Power Factor Panel said...

Great to see such a nice post.

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