07 September 2008

Guest Post Invitation Is Open.

If you want to contribute something to this blog, drop a comment here and I'll add you as my co-author. Few requirements, though: You need to have google account and fluent in English is a MUST.

And Guest Writers can set up their contact form too on this blog. Just make sure you created an account first on Kontactr and give me your HTML code, or set it up here by yourself. It's allowed, since you've contributed something on this blog. I will also link up your profile post on my sticky. That's my return thanks. ^^


Athena said...

What kinds of guest posts are you looking for?

Fransiska Ike said...

I'll give them freedom to choose topic themselves. No particular restriction, just make sure the contents are appropriate.

Adrian said...

Me me me.... Hahahahaha... Not so fluent in English though :p But I assure you that my contents are always appropriate :D

Fransiska Ike said...

Permission granted.

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