07 September 2008

Free Tools to Keep Your PC Clean and Fast.

This is a guest post from Mr. I.

After some time of regular usage, Windows XP tends to slow down. While reinstalling it is a good optiom, you may loose your data. So, what should you do to keep PC fast and clean? Here are the best free tools for that:

1. Advanced Windows Care : This is a free software from that can clean your registry and history, manage your memory and defend you from spywares. Over time, as you keep installing softwares, your registry will grow in size. Some uninstallers do not remove these entries from registry. So, finally your PC will slow down. This tool cleans registry and history witha single click. It is free for personal use. Download Advanced Windows Care Personal here.

2. IOBit Smart Defrag : Do you ever bother defragging your hard-disk? Even if you do, it takes a lot of time. So, to make your life simple and your hard disk clean, you can get this free software. It automatically defrags your most commenly used files in background. It also has option to Defrag when CPU usage is below a defined limit. So, when you are doing something on word processor, this software will defrag your hard disk. Download IOBit Sart Defrag Free here.

3. Bootvis : Does your PC takes ages to start up? Then you are in need of this software. This software monitors the time for starting up your P.C. and can optimize for fast start-up. Do not expect any wonders from it though! You can get PC boot a minute or two faster. Download BootVis here.

4. Avast! Antivirus : Perhaps the only antivirus with media player like interface. It is faster than any other antivirus out there, skinable and memory efficient. Runs fine on any P.C. above 64 MB RAM. It is free for personal use. However, you have to get a registration key every 90 days!

Have any software that deserves to be in this list? Tell us through your comments!


Fransiska Ike said...

I really like your style of writing. Thank you for this contribution.

Dougist said...

For my one last windows machine (I've gone all Mac) I like CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) as well...



Anonymous said...

i really like the way u write and it has helped me for sure thanks a lot man !!!! and keep the words flowing !!-(u have surely helped me to write articles better)

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