17 June 2008

Those who love to use Messenger services....

I recalled once, because I have several different IDs on several IM services, I had to install multiple softwares to connect to each station. Back then my computer was only PII 333Mhz, 128MB RAM and 10 GB of HDD so installing multiple softwares and running them at the same time was a pain in the ass.

I searched on the net and my friend told me to use multiple protocol IM software. He directed me to Pidgin and thus, I replaced YM and MSN at once. This kind of software is quite effective at solving computer's lack of resources like I had. Besides, it's easier to manage my accounts on a one central point.

Today we also have web based IMs like meebo so that even we forget to carry our flashdisk containing our beloved Pidgin, we can still IM-ing our buddies. Nice shot, isn't it?


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