15 June 2008

Why Does This Blog Get Called 'Destiny'?

Hmm, you know, I didn't think about this blog's name very seriously. I just wanted to use a simple, easily remembered, blog's name. The one that came into my mind was 'Gundam SEED Destiny' but using it would be too much for a blog, so I cut the first two words and took only the least word, Destiny. Sounds cool, huh?

And there also came the consequences, when I considered the blog's description, I couldn't find any good hint at all! I recalled everything I could and reused that 'A Twisted Past, Present, and Future' that at last, has correlation with 'Destiny' word. I wouldn't want to rename this blog's name though, Destiny is enough, and the depiction (forced one) that came along is pretty good, I must admit.

The original purpose of this blog's creation was to collect all my memories and put it into a story so that I could remember my own history in the future. I don't know whether this shall still be the main usage but, eh, there's always development. I will try to improve over time, both my writing skill and knowledge so I sincerely hope that one day, I would be far better than my current self.

Consider this as my personal diary, and you all are invited to read it. Good luck though, you will need that.


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