16 July 2008

Dang, Where's My Old IPCOP?

Heh, I reformatted it again. The graphs refused to work and I was unable to find a cure. I tried fcrontab reset and rrd restart to no avail. In anger, I reinstalled my box in instant... Actually, IPCOP isn't that hard to be modified an managed, it's as easy as spending your money in a mall. As long as the hardware used on a box is sufficient, you could make a new installation in 10 minutes or so. Amazing, isn't it?

IPCOP isn't as complex as another software firewall, it's cheap and no hassle. However, a bit mistake on hardware caring could result in kernel panic, ultimately leads to crashes. Just make sure the enviroment isn't dusty and well ventilated. Oh, don't install any stupid add-ons like I did. IPCOP reacts harshly to this kind of action, I'm pretty sure of it. Just install Advance Proxy and URL Filter. If you want too add few others, I'd suggest Update Accelerator and Copfilter. It's more than enough, really.


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