23 July 2008

This Is Called 'Life', Dear.

A bit more serious post now...

Just a hour ago, I met an old friend of mine on an instant messenger. He was a quite amusing boy during our High School time, and I pretty much like him as a friend. So, when I greet him on messenger, I expected (naively) to have a nice chat with him after a long time, 7 years or so no meet. To my surprise, he was answering me arrogantly and talking as if he was the most powerful being, omnipotent human.

He said arrogantly to me whether I am still stupid like I was or not. Next, he told me that he is now a General Manager on a big company and wish to hire me to work for him, after he mock me like that! That's ridiculous, I certainly knew he was trying to annoy me. I refused instantly (using English, since it's my main language for cursing someone) and told him to hire someone else. He laughed like a moron, using pathetic emoticons and such, so that I deleted his contact from my list at once. Ah yes, he told me too that he has just fired one of his assistants because the assistant was considered dumb ass. Tsk tsk.. I know I am not that great, but acting bossy like that on a real life? What kind of business is he doing now? I don't think he got a good position like that based on his own effort, for I knew him as an incapable person to take a decision in the past. Certainly, he has changed, from amusing boy to a completely different self. Something must've changed him, I wonder what it is...

Is it because he is now in a superior position and thinking everyone should follow his tail? Haha, if that so, then I might use Cao Cao's famous line again, 'I would betray the whole world than let the world betray me.' for him.

The last line he said to me before I closed the chat window was (translated to English, he wrote this in Indonesia): 'This is why I am tired talking to a moron like you. Catch you later, milady.'



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