30 August 2008

IntBIO Fingerprint Machine, One Damned Curse.

So, my HRD reported to me today that the fingerprint machine refused to deliver the time cards. She said the time cards starting from three days ago up until now couldn't be retrieved. Unless something's done, all staffs here on this enterprise won't get any salary of this month, because time cards are needed to calculate the salary and overtime payment.

I recalled that there was this kind of incident when I was still IT Support on this company. All I needed to do was to get myself a converter cable, to connect flashdisk and the fingerprint machine itself and the flashdisk itself. This is a known bug on this machine, where we can't download the timecards when the database is full.

I searched the cable on my desk, and found it promptly. The flash disk itself shouldn't be a problem, but it was...sadly. The required brand should match the IntBIO requirement, so we can't just plug flashdiskfromtheabyss brand onto it. That was the real trouble, we didn't find the necessary brand.... I searched from shop to shop, but didn't find it. The brand needed is no longer exist, and rarely found on market.

But there are still kind people in this world, my friend called me when I was on my way to get the flash disk, and I asked her whether she still has the flash disk or not. She said she have it!!! Off I went to her place, and grabbed her flash disk in instant. In more polite word, I bought it from her. -_-' It was necessary action, since this flash disk is quite important for the time being. I gave her more than enough money to get a new, shiny flash disk from shop. She purchased 4 GB Kingston flash disk at once. She's quite... lucky since her former flash disk (currently in my hands) was 512 MB one, not 4 GB. lol...

After that, I returned to my office, and connected everything in order. I downloaded the time cards on IntBIO machine, and flushed it. The machine now is working correctly again... What a mess. Usually this isn't going to happen, but the new HRD apparently didn't know about this fingerprint machine bug, and I didn't tell her, so it's my fault for not telling her.

All in all, it's working, and I told her everything she needs to know about this machine. I also gave her the required steps to flush the database, because it's very important to keep the machine running smoothly. I hope this bad history won't repeat itself in the future.