02 August 2008

IPCOP vs Mikrotik.

I got this answer from a friend of mine. He's quite experienced so I think his opinions are dependable.

IPCOP is a Home / Small Business Office Firewall Appliance.

Mikrotik's ROS (Router OS) is a full blown enterprise class Router / Firewall / WISP appliance.

IPCOP is way easier to setup, manage, and monitor.

ROS has a much steeper learning curve, but offers a full enterprise class set of features (for a price).

At the most basic of comparisons (i.e. do they secure your network?) - they're the same.

Pick the one that works best for your unique security needs.

FYI: You can get a eval ROS license for free, and the full blown license is cheap (i.e. $100 ish USD).



Anonymous said...

which one's more "resource consuming" ??

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