29 August 2008

Long Time No Post?

Heck, I am currently writing my Hongkong story. It will take a long time, longer than I've thought since I need to adjust several parts of that.

In the meantime, let's talk about another.

I don't play on Indogamers Public now because, first, I don't have ID, and second, if I want to make new ID there, I need to pay 50k rupiahs. That's bad, Indogamers, very bad. Why would you want to profit from something you got free? Yes, Indogamers is a private server, and they modified the engine of the Warcraft 3. It's illegal, according to the EULA.

And they want to make profit from that? Don't make me laugh. I am currently using Indogamers Junior and Free, but the registration phase for the former server has been closed, the latter is still free, though.

The registration for Indogamers free, is still open, but limited one. If you've made an ID during the past 21 days, you will be unable to make another. There is a trick to avoid this. Use Google to search for proxy sites, and use their IPs. This will trick the Indogamers server to believe that you haven't made any IDs on the last 21 days, since your real IP is hidden behind the proxy. Quite nifty trick, I see... I am currently making as many IDs as I can, to avoid future limitation again like had happened on both Public and Junior servers.

Well then, give it a try.