30 August 2008

Manchester United, The Greatest Team In History.

Not like I exaggerating it, I post what I have in my mind.

Manchester United have always been my favourite. I first watched their match on Old Trafford (around mid 1997 or so) where they beat Liverpool 2-0. I can't recall it correctly but sure Liverpool were their opponent. And since then, I never switch my eyes to another teams, for I really like their games.

I still remember, fresh in my memory, when they took the glory of the Champions League on 1999. That was their second trophy on Champions League history. The final was against Bayern Muenchen/Munich. Munich scored first via freekick, and Manchester had been on desperate state until the time came...

It was on 90 mins of the game. Starting from Scholes long shot which got blocked by Giggs (accidentally), GIggs shot the ball directly without controlling it. And it was in! Munich tried to make another goal but their efforts were futile for Manchester blocked every attempts efficiently. Perhaps Munich were shocked after the Giggs' goal and didn't concentrate properly.

The disaster for them came on 90+ 3 extra time. Manchester got a corner kick, and Giggs took the free ball. He lob the ball in, and Munich defender tried to clear the ball. He failed and the ball fell on Solksjaer's feet that stroke the ball quickly and scored without any real hindrance. I immediately jumped from my chair and screamed like hell.


And Munich players were like 'wtf we lose?'.


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