31 August 2008

Never Ever Use Public Computer When You Do Important Job On Internet

Consider that as first, and last warning.

Internet and anything related to it all are dangerous, you should know that. Even with my IPCOP running, I still doubt that it will be able to repel all attacks from outside. Viruses and trojans are prime examples.

If you want to use online transaction, don't do it on public computer. Because there's possibility that you might get caught by invisible keylogger. I've lost one of my account by that keylogger, and I was sooooo pissed. I was quite lucky it wasn't anything money-related, but an account used on Blizzard Server.

Also, using public computer might get you in a trouble if someone that uses that computer too makes trouble on the same site you visit. GameFAQs is for example. If someone bad gets banned and axed, all accounts on his/her usermap will also be banned. Imagine if you log in on the same computer, thus throwing you inside his usermap, and his/her actions get you banned too... You really wouldn't want to have long time accounts banned this way.

There are still many reasons to not to use public computer when you do important things.


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