23 September 2008

Blogs Review: http://www.carlgalloway.com

If you're bored and would like to read something to get rid of that boredom, or if you want to get a reference on blogging world, you can visit this good blog.

The blog doesn't specialize itself on single content type, as far as I can see. Also, pertaining to its contents, I really like the in-depth explanation/elaboration on a matter the writer posted. It's easily read and helps readers to understand the content just with few or no picture at all -something I really like-. Here is one of my favorite article, and a prime example to follow when your write content for your blog: http://www.carlgalloway.com/archives/377-Blogger-Tutorial-Speed-Up-Your-Blogspot-Blog.html

The blog's layout is pretty much clean and the colors used (be it background or fonts) are very compatible with each others. I've seen many bloggers using very contradicting (thus making their blog seem silly) colors, and very image-based blog that tends to slow down browser loading process.

And oh, the author is quite nice too. :) Drop an email if you have time.


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