28 September 2008

Destiny Estimate Value...

This is pretty hilarious. xD

Estimated Data
Net Worth : $189.8
Daily Pageview : 87
Daily Ads Revenue : $0.26
Traffic Rank : 12607889

My blog now is worth 189 dollars? lol... But, to be quite honest, I've never considered anything I do for fun to be sold. ;) Blogging is fun, it helps me cool my head down on the most heat days, and helps relieve pressures on the most intense problems.

You can check yours here: http://www.websiteoutlook.com/


Mr. I said...

I do not trust this service! They give me "Daily Pageview : 405" for my blog which is far more than original!

Dougist said...

lol... When I got into the writing gig someone very wise told me "Don't expect to make money from this stuff. If someone buys you lunch because of your work consider yourself lucky"


techniqueal t. said...

Here's mine:

Net Worth: $3971.2
Daily Pageview: 1481
Daily Ads Revenue: $5.44

woohoo! that's a lot of money!.... my page view must have reached that number all because of my continuous reloading of the site, LOL

hilarious! hope you don't mind if i post this on my blog one of these days ^_^

techniqueal t. said...

hey -- we have the almost the same result!

here's yours:
Net Worth : $3971.2
Daily Pageview : 1479
Daily Ads Revenue : $5.44

im two pageview higher than u r (ah, thanks to reloads lol)

Fransiska Ike said...

:D That's a wicked amount of money, yes? I'm wondering if we could sell our blog for that amount.

Not that I'm planning to, just curious. ^^

techniqueal t. said...

i have a reason to believe that we could actually sell our blog ^_^ -- not that im planning to either, lol

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