27 September 2008

Fight of Characters 7.7b e Characters Review: Uchiha Itachi.

Uchiha Itachi was taken from most successful Japanese manga's chatacter, Naruto. My Quote of the Day for today was taken from his famous quote as well. :P Consider I am his fangirl....

Back to the topic. Itachi is rather overlooked character on Fight of Characters map. Many people prefer Orochimaru, Inuyasha and even Itachi's friend, Kisame. This is pretty natural because,
1. Itachi's initial spell isn't powerful. His Katon No Jutsu like Katon: Gokakyu No Jutsu and Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu have a very weak attacking power at start. But, as Itachi's level increased, their attack power increased as well, and they have noticeable power changes later.
2. Itachi also has passive power as well, called Sharingan, something that many people dislike.

Here are a list of Itachi's spells, they're similar (and even the spell animations!) to Itachi's on Naruto manga.
- Katon: Gokakyu No Jutsu
- Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu
- Sharingan (later upgraded to Mangekyou Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan)
- Tsukuyomi
- Amaterasu

Gokakyu No Jutsu is a grand fireball blast technique, area of effect damage. Hosenka is a stunning fire blast combo technique, single target. Both are very useful but you need a proper cast timing to make them effective. Evenmore,. Gokakyu No Jutsu can be abused for creeping, and as a last hit kill method.

Sharingan is Itachi's passive skill that enables him to dodge an attack, also gives chance to amplify his physical attacks. Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu are Itachi's Ultimate Spells. The former spell traps foe on Emerald Dream, and surrounds his foe's body with Shadow Clones, making him/her unable to move an inch. And at the end of the spell, Itachi's Shadow Clones stab his foe thus causing mortal damage. This is pretty good spell to disable annoying enemy. Thanks to his Hosenka No Jutsu, getting enemy caught on this trap is pretty easy, and you have a nice stun combo too.

Amaterasu is Itachi's most nifty spell. It's an extremely lethal AoE spell. If used correctly (once again, cast timing), you can instantly kill 3 or 4 heroes at one shot. Even Mega Creeps that are located at the upright and bottom left can be killed in instant if they are caught in Amaterasu blast zone. In case you don't notice, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu abilities get enhanced everytime your Sharingan leveled up.

The first level of Sharingan is normal Sharingan, (learned at lv 5) the second is Mangekyou Sharingan (learned at lv 11), and the last level is Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (can be learned at lv 25). Each level improves his evasion and critical attacks, also enhances his spells like Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu.

Itachi's physical attack is quite decent, but he's quite fragile if nuked since he's agility based hero. Ultimate Weapon for him grants 200 extra attack damage, extra movement speed (stackable) and 100 agility addition, pretty neat weapon. Buy it as soon as you can. Don't forget to pay an attention for his health point too. Since he has low hit point, you need at least one health stone (early-mid) and two (later) to help you survive nukes.

Itachi is best partnered with strength based heroes. Inuyasha and Orochimaru (his summons) are good for tanking while Itachi nukes his opponent from behind. Practically, Itachi can match up one on one against all heroes based from fact that his spells are deadly enough. But a good build up progress is needed, since he's weak at start... and if you can't feed him well, you'd end up be an automatic teller machine for others... Overall, he's a wise pick for advance players. If you are new to FoC, try easier heroes first like Zoro and Lee for starting point.


Sekiyo said...

Very nice guide o.O you made me feel like using Itachi again~~^^

Fransiska Ike said...

lol tq.

I've been using him forever, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey man where's the item u F.

Anonymous said...

Cheats kailangan ko !!

Anonymous said...

can u post a pic of his specific item.... Pls....! Foc map 9.1...pls pls....!

Anonymous said...

pls post a pic of his specific item....!

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