26 September 2008

Gmail VS Yahoo.

Ah... Classic duel between two biggest email service provider on this puny earth. So far, Gmail has advantages because of its strong basic yet free services. Here's the list:

- Gmail offers free pop and smtp service, Yahoo doesn't.
- Gmail offers over 2 GB storage, Yahoo doesn't even anywhere close.
- Gmail's ads don't show up as annoying as Yahoo's, thus Gmail's interface is much cleaner than Yahoo's. :P I really hate ads.
- Gmail account is able to access many Google's free features (utilizes its openID), Yahoo doesn't have many free features, so its ID is pretty useless.

....maybe this is a bit subjective but eh, it's truth. If Yahoo can't fix their services, be prepared to lose even more costumer. I was Yahoo user but switched to Gmail and never ever think about returning to Yahoo. There's also Hotmail around, but it's also can't match up with Google's Gmail. Mainly because Hotmail is hard to load for slower connection, and doesn't come packaged with pop and smtp free service. ;)

If you don't agree with my opinion. feel free to drop your argument here. ^^ I'll be waiting.

*hides behind Google's Blogger*

EDIT: Damnit Yahoo have unlimited storage now. Been a long time abandoning it so I didn't know.


thevemo said...

saya gak bisa milih.la wong sama2 make kedua2 na

Anonymous said...

Actually Yahoo has unlimited storage...

David Wornica said...

I like both, but prefer gmail due to the ease in message retrieval.

Hicham said...

I'm with David Wornica's opinion.

Adrian said...

More about Yahoo
+ Give unlimited storage.
+ More advanced interface technology using Java, support drag and drop messages.
+ For several countries, Yahoo give ability to create disposable address.
- Their spam detection is not very good.

More about Gmail
+ Give IMAP technology for free.
+ Now they provide 7GB of storage (and keep counting).
+ Filtering message technology somehow better that Yahoo's own.
+ Spam detection is marvelous.
+ Can send mail using another identity.
- Do not support folders. They give label as the subtitute, but I don't like it.

And same like thevemo, I use both of them ^^ Gmail is more for personal and business usage while Yahoo is for fun and mailing list things.

Fransiska Ike said...

Ah yeah, I should have noticed earlier that most mailing lists are hosted by yahoo....

Mr. I said...

GMail is best! For providing POP and IMAP, Yahoo asks for money and their ads, yuck. With Gmail, their are no disturbing picture ads.

techniqueal t. said...

gmail delivers faster service than yahoo. for that alone, this made them on top of my list. ^_^

great post! thanks for visiting and following my blog ^_^

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