26 September 2008

Scheduled Outage....

No. This isn't blogger-related issue that's displayed on announcement page. :P

On my office, there's a departement that work 24/7, and scheduled outage/ electricity problem issue is a matter between life and death for them. I am not exaggerating here... but the said departement is costumer-relation job like Cashier and Equipment In/ Out. They don't want any slight lapse on electricity. Back then we didn't have budget to fix this, and whenever the outage occured, they were screaming like mad. :) It's practically very common that they screamed to me 'MISS THE ELECTRICITY IS DOWN DO SOMETHING ASAP!', or something similar.

It's not like I didn't think about this at all. But the problem lie on the budget itself. At that time, management here (I wasn't included at decision making, since I was also but a newbie) didn't aware about the importance of this issue. I told my Branch Manger already, to make investment on UPS and Generator, in case electricity outage or failure occurs. As urgent as it was, the decision had been neglected until a problem arose.

There was an announcement regarding scheduled outage, but it wasn't very common scheduled outage. The electricity supplies stored on PLN generator wasn't enough to support a wild increase of electricity needs, so they forcibly shut down every electricity greedy users (like my office :P) to maintain the reasonable ratio of supplies. It was 10 or so hours outage schedule, and all departement on this office was unable to do daily task. Gosh, pretty absurd, wasn't it? We suffered quite loss at that day, and this event was used by my to send proposal to get generator and UPS for all aspects on this office. It was.... quite a bold move, I admit. In case something went astray and the management didn't happy with it, I'd be in danger. ;) But I put my luck in it and no longer afterwards, the proposal got accepted and I formally appointed to supervise everything about that. Woooohoooo.

I gathered all information I could get and finally purchased new, shiny generator for us. Along with it, twenty four UPS for each workstations. :D Total cost was around 74 million rupiahs or so (approx 74.000 dollars). Quite big investment, but worth every penny. As for now, no one's complaining whenever the electricity outage/failure occurs, as long as the UPS and generator are working properly, we won't complain.

Moral of the story (duh....): UPS and Generator are godlike things that often save you from misery. :)


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