29 September 2008

Software Review: Meebo

My first software review that doesn't involve the said software installation, since this meebo is web-based chatting software. :P Link to meebo has been included too on My Links section, since long time ago...

Well duh... What should I say here?

Meebo is another (free) web-based multi-protocol instant messengers program. If you register an account there, meebo allows you to log in to multiple Instant Messenger addresses, presumably if you have two different accounts, at once. The web is loaded at lightning speed on my 128 kbps connection, and since mine is a crappy one, I don't think yours have difficulties in loading it.

This service is very useful if you don't have IMs installed on your computer, for some reason. All you need is internet connection and browser. Mozilla and IE are compatible with meebo, and probably Google's Chrome as well.

The downside of this service is, you can't pull your IM service to its fullest extent. File sharing and transfer, for example, doesn't work in this service. But since meebo is designed for simplicity, it's not a great concern. But it's well worth it if meebo starts to improve this weakness.

Score: 9/10

My recommendation? Give it a try. ;)


Jazzy said...

Ive heard Meebo works well on both the Instinct and iPhone as well.

Echost said...

Ike, let's have a try, I've done Install your Meebo ;-)

I was searching chat software in Google ( Meebo was there - in comparison with Gtalk - what is the diff anyway ... )

Every opening YM I was think it's useless - coz my friend never online - or any button should I click more ?

rotyyu said...

I like this site, I used to use it when IM protocol is blocked in my college. This is very good site I think.

Fransiska Ike said...

No. The process should be automatic once you sucessfully logged in to meebo. Maybe your browser has incompatible extension in it while you open meebo?

Morganna said...

Wow, that's pretty neat! I've been using Trillian for the same thing, but I would love to have this on hand for when I can't download anything. :) Thanks for posting this.

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