22 September 2008

Software Review: uTorrent.

Like its name implies, uTorrent is a torrent downloaded program. It is free, lightweight and easy to use. There is no advertisement displayed there as well.

The main menu is pretty straightforward. You can see the downloaded, completed, pending torrents on the right side, with speed and size of the torrent displayed there. Below it is extra information available for each parts of the torrents' progress. uTorrent allows you to manage your download and upload speed as well making this feature my favorite, ever. This allows us to control bandwidth spend to process torrent downloads. When you're using slower connection like mine, you'd use this one often... heheh. This uTorrent comes with torrent download scheduler too. Pretty handy tool to have on torrent program.

If you are concerned about your security while seeding or downloading torrent, uTorrent gives you an option to randomize your used port. Although this isn't that important since nowadays, there's no known exploit on uTorrent. I myself have used this software for a long time, and have never had myself attacked because I forward port 3128 for uTorrent. Lastly, if you would like to make torrent file, uTorrent can make one for you too!

All in all, this is great software. I can safely give this 9/10 as its final score in this review.


Adrian said...
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Adrian said...

I am using utorrent for long time, until FDM begin to support torrent. I thought it would be nice to have only one software to handle all download types. But apparently I'm wrong. FDM is best as a download manager, but not for torrent file :( utorrent still better than FDM in every aspects, especially on harddisk and CPU management. FDM made too much noise on my laptop while utorrent works flawlessly, plus it give faster speed. So I aggree with you, 9/10 for this program :)

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