10 September 2008

Software Review: Winamp.

Have you ever considered what a good music player software is? If you're still wondering, read this review and decide.

Winamp is, in arguably, the most popular media player ever. It's easy to use, small in size for download, fast and expandable. Also, its main strength is based on the fact that it is free, no registration is needed, no money asked. Although you can make payment to obtain pro version that contains quite features, but in general it's not needed because free version already supports many things.

First, you can customize its appearance. To many people, skinning is interesting. And yes, the free version supports skin changes. The skins can be downloaded for free, or can be made using certain software. Sadly, the said software is not free.... and hard to use. Winamp provides, by default, four nice skins. Bento, Big Bento, Modern and Classic. Classic is for older computer (the one in the screenshot), Modern and the rests are for more powerful computer as it consumes (mainly) Processor and RAM resources. The Classic version is lightweight, and can be used on P2-based computer. Dowever , don't expect to use Bento on that old computer..... :(

This Winamp is also expandable. Like skinning, plugins are available to download freely, and can be obtained on its official website (www.winamp.com). There are many great plugins there, make sure you check it out. For example, Yahoo Messenger Status Plugin.

Winamp's interface is easy to navigate. The menu is properly placed and the windows easily re-arranged in case you want to customize them to suit your needs. The Equalizer is also great one. With it you can adjust the quality of the sound the way you want. Personally, Winamp's Equalizer is better than WMP's.

And then, if I were asked to compare Winamp and WMP, I'd say Winamp is much much better in terms of playing music files. WMP lacks playlist management, while Winamp excels at. Heh...

Whatever player you choose, be it WMP or MPC (Media Player Classic from K-Lite) or VLC, make sure you try Winamp first as well. Winamp's flaw lies on its modern skins (Bento etc) that can't be used on older computer, as I mentioned above. If it could, then I'd give Winamp 10/10 score...but for now, I can't. ;)

Score: 9/10


Best work at home business said...

Yeah I agree i am also using winamp player with skin bento for a long time and it never disappointed.

Sherin - IInternals said...

this is a nice review. But, a comparrison review with other softwares will do much better.

Sherin - Investinternals

Lorie said...

WinAmp has always been my music player of choice, and I'm glad to see someone else appreciates it.

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