06 September 2008

Sticky Topic Section Has Been Added.

I found it is important to have sticky, seeing I have hundred of posts. In now way will I want to repost the same thing twice. The most important posts have been linked on that section. You need to check it out, if you want to contact me/comment on this blog/ link exchange request.

Unlike many other bloggers, that love to add many 3rd party addons, widget, javascripts, I don't like too complicated settings/designs. Pure text and some additional pictures, if needed, are fine for me. If things are too complicated, I myself find it's too troublesome to maintain them. Therefore, I always make sure everything I create don't bring any problem in the future. This kind of sticky topics section is very compatible with me, as I don't need to modify any templates or add any 3rd party javascript (Duh... Am I too strict?).



SBA said...

What about the 'obligatory' About Me section? The sticky topics section is great. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple!

Fransiska Ike said...

fine. ^^

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