16 September 2008

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic.

Here are few hints to increase your traffic:

- Write what your readers want to read more.
- Write a meaningful topic title.
- Pay an attention to your blog layout.
- Exchange link with other Bloggers.
- Advertise your blog properly (don't spam it....).


chered said...

"content is king" as what the saying goes. i have a discussion on my blog about this. http://www.igotpost.com/what-does-it-mean-by-great-content/

techniqueal t. said...

great tips! i would have to agree with the content being the king as what chered mentioned. the content and the way of each post was written speak a lot of the author's character. great blog you have here. keep it up ^_^

Digit-8 said...

Content is traffic, traffic is good page rank, but its not easy to understand what to write about and what would be interesting for others.

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