17 September 2008

Today's Nightmare: Negotiation Against ISP.

Crap... Happiness is limited, misery is no end. Never would have thought negotiating with ISP would be this difficult. Keep reading to find out why.

The meeting started at 10 AM, still early enough so I can concentrate fully on my mission (wtf mission?) to get a better bandwith speed AND get a better deal. Uh..so.. I greet them as usual as I do to many people I meet on my work. While I shook their hands one by one, I sensed something.... sinister from them. Wooot, must be my imagination only for I put too much thought on this. >_>

Then.... we started to talk. At first, we didn't talk too much about technical issues, rather then... talking about our job-related issues nowadays. Kinda fun, I learned alot from them, tbqh. At least, I am still too young on this kind of business environment. My stupid CEO puts too much hope, something I don't like, on me. =O Don't talk about this post to her, don't mention that I call her stupid, kay? I'd be in trouble if you do.


And then, after a hour chitchating... (was that even a word?), we jumped into the real problem. Currently, my office want to reduce the fixed cost including, but not limited to, internet cost, materials expense, etc. That's why I invited them to talk over about this. I was quite a geek myself on IT environment, so I knew that the current connection of mine is actually not enough to provide good and smooth connection and reducing the bandwith means... suicide. No, I didn't tell them to reduce the price, rather then... I asked them to improve the service (the granted bandwith is less than that was written on the contract). I wasn't the last contract signer, it was another. And the contract itself is particularly a loss for us, if this continues. The bandwith granted is far below our expectation (based from the contract), and the signer actually didn't notice that. After the job passed down to me, I found out this. And my sucessor (the new IT staff, I moved up to GM position) is actually too inexperienced and doesn't know how to deal with ISP. Alright, let's stop the story here for a while... Let me post something I wanted to say long time ago...


Blah... I feel better.

Let's continue....

Then, after I complained about the promised bandwith, they didn't acknowledge their fault even though I provided all evidences. I said, 'This problem needs to be rectified asap.', they replied 'It's already written on the agreement your company signed year ago.'. What? It's your damn fault, little maggot! Learn to hear! I wasn't talking about contract, I was talking about the granted bandwith that doesn't meet the minimum standard written on contract!

They're so damn stubborn and don't understand what I WANT (on behalf for my company, of course) and I would like TO have. I was using the simplest English ever... yet they couldn't understand? Oh wow...

BLAH BLAH BLAH continued! Next, I even slammed the table to make them know I wasn't jerking around. I even said that I would terminate the contract instantly if they can't fulfill their obligation. Of course, we pay to get service, and they must give us their best service. It's an unwritten rule on bussiness environment, yes?

I left the meeting room after that. >_> Ah well... Dunno about the rest of the meeting.. But, since my secretary was there too, probably she put the meeting on hold. Don't care... I need to cool down first.

Closing sentence before I posted this: Did you find typo? Did you find grammatical mistakes on this post? Just to let you know.... I am typing this while nursing my anger. -_-'



Anonymous said...

your typing just as smooth as silk, no mistake typing, are you sure you were not in good mood?

Fransiska Ike said...

:( I am sure of it. And oh, use Indonesia language if you wish... no need to post in English.

Chris said...

In these situations I have found it more beneficial to approach a new ISP and get a quote from them for the service that you want. Then use it to negotiate with the old ISP, and if they don't change their tune sign up with the new ISP.

For some reason potential customers seem to get better discounts and service guarantees than existing customers.

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