06 September 2008

What Am I Doing This Week?


I need to take care of my own life, apparently. I spent too much of my time in front of computer. You know, checking students' homeworks, replying emails, composing drafts for projects. Ha...

All in all, this is quite a good week. I didn't make any stupid mistake heheheh. And Idul Fitri is approaching fast, I need to make sure that THR (Incentives for staffs for Holiday) is paid properly and on time. If not, things will be problematic, I guarantee that. As a return, I don't give them too long holiday. Half day off on a day before the 1st Oct is quite generous. If anyone asks about extended holiday, I would give him/her formal warning without hestitation for my decision is final.

And for my family... my daughter is doing fine too, also my husband. In fact, no use in worrying the latter. >_>


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