09 September 2008

What Am I Doing Today?

Errrh... I have to make sure the negotiation with providers run smoothly. Hey.... what can I expect? :(

Dealing with outsiders is though, really. You can't predict their intention easily nor can you dictate them. It's very different when you deal with your internal environment where you can easily manipulate if you're strong, have influence and well positioned. It's up to you whether you want to play soft or hard, straight or from behind. Heh...

But I call it as a challenge. When you can't do anything else but to help your company (ultimately help your career), and negotiate over things with outsiders carefully, you actually have a chance to prove things for yourself. What can you do here? What result can you have after the negotiation? How's your ability for negotiation? Those can be answered from that as well.

I know it's easier said than done but yeah, you will learn it over time. Experience accumulates, not fades away.

As for my own current negotiation, I need to convince them to lower the price without sacrifice their offer. I'll try different approach this time.... >_< The former meeting didn't go too smoothly as they didn't want to lower the price THAT much. I guess I can do something about this if I manage to provide an evidence about long time advantage if they want to cooperate with us.

Worth to try.


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