09 October 2008

Destiny Review: Courtesy of Shrav

Full review can be found here: http://inhouserapper.blogspot.com/2008/10/eternal-blackzero-whiff-of-fresh-air.html


Few things worth mentioned here (taken from his review for this blog of mine):

- Simple yet informative posts, site's loading speed's darn quick!

I don't like to slow people. I also don't like being slowed either!

- Basically yours is what I call a real normal blog with a real normal writer!

I am normal? ^^;

- I find you as a whiff of fresh air among a lot of pretenders!

Geee... thanks.

- You have a small similarity because I guess you hate ads as much as I do!

Sure. Ads add nothing, and they tend to slow the goddamn site down. I don't like them.

- The theme could be worked upon a little bit.

Hmm... There was also blogger who said the same thing. Maybe I really need to change it.

- A lot of variety is available, right from computer software to your personal life!

Major contents here are computer software related posts and my personal life. I also blog about few other things like games I like, example for the latter is my review for Fight of Characters.

- Your blogging frequency is pretty awesome as well!!

^^ I try to update my blog frequently. Old contents are.... terrible.

- I liked the "Top 3 Most Annoying Things On A Blog." post on your blog a lot (kinda matches my taste)!

Guess what... I picked that topic on Blog Catalog website, precisely on discussion forum, right after people started to whine about revenue from ads.

- And a special mentions to your site speed!! All said, an excellent blog, do keep writing!

Well, thanks alot.

- Minor defects:
The archive could be made monthly instead of datewise, Template could be changed!!

I will fix one of two defects you mentioned on your review right away. However, as for template...errr...well, I have to find a correct one. The majority of colors on that template must be black *points to site name* and also matches my style.

Hookay, I think that's all. If you'd like to get your goddamn blog reviewed, ask Shrav at http://inhouserapper.blogspot.com/ Once again, thanks alot for reviewing my blog, really appreciate it.


Shrav said...

wow!! That's really goddamn sweet of you to take some time off and thank me!!

And thanks for taking care of the small defects i pointed out in the right way! :):)!! See ya around!


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