28 October 2008

Software Review: Ccleaner

Do you know when you uninstall a program in Windows, sometimes it is not completely removed? There are possibilities that registry of your program still remaining, and by the time you do a lot of install and un-installation, your registry with be filled with a lot of useless things. This would decrease your drive space and computer performance, slow your windows to death.

To overcome this, you can use a program that do cleaning and fixing your registry. Program like registry booster, registry mechanic, and registry editor maybe not strange anymore for several people. But to use these programs usually we have to pay some amount of money.

After do some searching on Google, then I found this program, Ccleaner (Crap Cleaner). As it's name, the main function of this program is to clean all craps inside your computer, not only in registry but also will clean temporary files, recycle bin, browsing cookies, internet history, document history, and many more.

Another cool things from this program:
  1. It has a backup option before you do registry cleaner. This will be useful if you accidentally erase important registry that used by your system. (I used this program for about 1 year, but never found any error caused by cleaning the registry)
  2. Has a built in startup editor so you can disable / remove any startup file that you don’t need such as yahoo messenger program, Adobe update tool, etc. It will significantly increase your boot up time if you do this.
  3. Has uninstall program option. I don't know yet what the differences between this and Windows' add remove program in term of performance. But if you talk about speed, this program will load list of your programs faster than Windows' add remove program did.
  4. You will notice that when you do clean up it will also wipe out your trace on the computer (ex case: if you cheat on your girl/boy friend, you can wipe all your track using this program easily before they use your computer :p).

Oh, and the best thing from this program is it free to use. However, the developer will be very pleasure to receive any donation. To download this program click here.

In the next thread, I'll show you how to install and run this program.


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