19 October 2008

Software Review: Metapad

metapad is one of my most used programs in Windows environment. It's actually a simple text editor. Unlike notepad, metapad offers rich user interface and easy to configure. It's main strength lies on customizable shortcuts and extra settings that can't be found on notepad, Windows' default text editor. Basically, metapad is an enhanced version of notepad.

I mainly use metapad to write FAQs/walkthoughs and blog contents offline before publishing. Why so? Because its transparent mode. It allows me to quick edit my files without having to alt-tab between windows since another windows hidden behind can be seen easily. Very handy feature to have sometimes.

metapad loads so damn fast on my P3 machine, so don't complain it won't work on your CPU. It consumes very little resources, even when 2mb files loaded in it. It's size is small as well, and there's no need to install the program since liquidninja website only displays zipped file that containes metapad executables.

Overall, this is great software for simple writing. I suggest you to replace notepad with this tool.

Score: 10/10


techniqueal t. said...

this sounds a real good software. i wonder if Microsoft would offer something with similar features like this (more of a newer version of Notepad).

will try this out on my windows PC as m currently using textpad (for my linux machine) ^_^

nice review!

~ said...

I use EditPad Lite.

Tech43.net said...

THANKS.nice sofyware to have

atenean101 said...

Thanks for this information my friend... I really didn`t notice that there is such thing as metapad. But is it like notepad? I`ll try to look at my PC if I have metapad here. Hehe. Thanks also for the comment. It`s highly appreciated!

Alex Davidson said...

Thanks for the nice review Fransiska. Today metapad is officially 10 years old.


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soma taha said...

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rehabgad1 said...

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