09 October 2008

What Do You Eat For Lunch?

Sauteed chicken with rice and some sort of vegetables. KFC would do, so as another fast food if I don't have time to cook in the morning. I know junk food like that is bad but alas, there's no help for it. But, I can tell you that chicken is my favorite menu, so expect to see me eat chicken many times in a week. Scrambled eggs, with rice of course, fried with cheese is good as well, but I need tomato ketchup as an addition. If no... yaiks... not taste at all.


And no bread there. Usually it won't enough to keep me full until dinner. I would resort to it if there was no available option. However, bread is often used for meal on my family, but I always eat large portion from available stock on the table. As for drink, mineral water (or water) for me. because I drink neither coffee nor alcohol. Maybe orange juice is picked randomly for lunch but water is pretty much common since it has neutral taste.

Last thing, I envy my daughter. She only drinks milk, =O and won't need anything until she's 8-9 months old... No need to think about menu at all...