07 November 2008

A Fresh Result For Tottenham.



After a series of disappointing results, finally they are on the right track now. Keep going, Spurs.


~ said...

If only Ramos was still there. There'd still be that triangle joke all over again. *nostalgic flashes*

emiy said...

u so smart...ike...!!!
teach me sis.

keep in touch...!!!"""

best regards,

Kevin Paquet said...

Wow, unexpectedly, they're back with classy football, but will this be enough to save them from the delegation zone in the EPL?

Mabuhay Kabataan!

~ said...

My money on 'Arry saving them from relegation. The squad seems strong enough, and with the momentum they're gaining, I'm not banking on them being relegated. The idea is still very tempting however.

Fransiska Ike said...

^that and...

Grrr MU lost to Arsenal...

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