01 November 2008

Poll of the Day #2 Results.

'What's your favorite browser?'


Firefox :D
-> 31 (75%)

-> 2 (4%)

Chrome :)
-> 0 (0%)

Opera :o
-> 2 (4%)

Others :(
-> 6 (14%)

Total Votes: 41

As expected, Firefox won the match..... Runner ups were both Opera and IE.

The next PotD will be posted tonight. Stay in touch!


Kevin Paquet said...

sus/// try mo ang web browser na flock baka mag bago isip mo about sa mga nalista mo hehe.. FLOCK!!

Fransiska Ike said...

Hush, don't post in Tagalog. :(

Kevin Paquet said...

oh..sorry, hmm... Flock is the best web browser for me, go ahead and try it.. :D

Adrian said...

LOL ^^

Mr. I said...

Well, OPERA IS THE BEST! ( My personal opinion!)

techniqueal t. said...

Great to see the results of the poll. My vote went to Firefox and Flock.

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