26 November 2008

Software Review: TweakUI

Not exactly a complete 'software' is TweakUI. This little program from Microsoft helps you to 'gives access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface'. And it was actually nice enough to help me to hide an unwated control panel extension icon, something that I couldn't do easily if I had to edit Windows registry directly.

TweakUI allows you to change Windows registry without even have any knowledge on how registry works by simply provide User Interface to change the values. There are many options available, so explore them by yourself. All you need is to open TweakUI, change the value you want and if the results are undesirable, you can change it again without worry having destroyed your Windows settings. Friendly, huh? ^^

You can download it from Microsoft website (duh...it's pretty obvious....). And yeah, the version I listed here only works for XP, if you know anything about TweakUI for Vista, let me know.

Score: 7/10


EverybodyGeek said...

Definitely the only XP tweak program that doesn't ruin tour computer.
Would be nice to see something similar for Vista.

chimeara said...

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Fransiska Ike said...

lol sure, yours is good too. Link's been added.

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