17 November 2008

Three Ways To Find Blogs To Read.

With all over these blogs scattered on internet, how can we find good blogs to read? While we can put Google into consideration, its coverage is too wide and thus, can't provide good results. Finding a good blog to read can also sometimes help you get an idea to write for your own blog. I've written an article about 'Getting an ideas for a blog posts' here.

In this topic, I'll list few ways to find those 'good' blogs, here you go:

BlogCatalog has always been the best place to find new blogs. It also has a very nice forum. By joining its forum, you can interact with many other bloggers. Check out their blogs if you find a poster on a particular discussion is interesting enough for you to clieck his/her profile or, you can also start checking random posters there.

I've put a post too about it, check it here. To find new blogs, just browse through forum and find out Entrecarders' blogs there. You can check their sites and click on their widgets (drop you card too before it lol) to send you to that blog advertiser's page. This opens up new blog for you to read. Pretty nifty, huh?

Without a doubt, StumbleUpon is the best way to find and discover new blogs. By taking a form of Firefox toolbar, it's able to make an easy and convenient access to StumbleUpon's feature for its stumblers. All you need to do is to choose categories you want and when you click Stumble, you will be presented with related blogs within categories you've chosen. More about StumbleUpon on a separate thread.

That's it. If you have your own methods, post 'em here. ^^


Shrav said...

These three are the basic to findin nice blogs as well as to get a good amount of traffic as well:)

I would say, the blogs of note on blogger.com main page is quite a good source of good blogs too!

chethan said...

Dont use much blogcatalog, but stumbleupon is the best followed by entrecard... if you dont mind we could be friends on stumble, i just came here for an entrecard drop and stopped by to comment

Fransiska Ike said...

Yeah, I don't mind. Thanks for stopping by.

techniqueal t. said...

you just gave me an idea! will try the other two as blog catalog wont let me in ^_^

Fransiska Ike said...

Excuse me? What do you mean by 'bc won't let me in'. Did they not approve you?

techniqueal t. said...

sad to say, yep. when i initially signed up in bc and had their meta added as second verification, they found out that my blog is NOT a blog. weirdness! i don't know if the reason for that is because i made a lot of tweaks -- no older/newer posts, no date, no archive even etc. oh well, im sure there are other options i can find out there. :)

Raju said...

Never knew about Entrecard, nice info mate :)

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