14 November 2008

Top Five Most Used Shortcuts In Windows.

I am using them daily, and so do many people. Using shorcuts can sometimes be time-savvy and handy on many occasions. These shortcuts should be able to be used on most Windows version.

1. Windows key + L
Locks your Windows current session. I do this alot on my server. :o

2. Ctrl+ ALT+ DEL
To stop non responding programs, see remaining RAM etc. I mainly use this to stop non responding programs, though. :P

3. Windows key + D
To minimize all open windows. Very useful if you have multiple windows opened, and need to see your desktop in instant.

4. Windows key + E
Brings up Windows Explorer.

5. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X & Crtl + V
Copy, cut and paste, respectively.

There are still many shortcuts but I listed the most used ones. ^^ Post yours too, if you use something different than listed here often.

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Adrian said...

I use ctrl + shift + esc instead of ctrl + alt + del, because in Vista, combination of ctrl + alt + del will show another screen, different from older version Windows ^^ I thought Windows 2003 server do something like that, is that true Sis? I haven't use it for such a long time...

Fransiska Ike said...

Ummm on XP, ctrl shift esc does that also. And, as far as I know, Windows Server 2003 still uses Ctrl alt del to bring up task manager, no different than XP.

Shrav said...

I dont use the windows key + L,D,E! Obviously everyone uses ctrl+alt+delete and cut copy paste! so yea, you were kinda on target! 2 outta 5

~ said...

Ctrl + W for firefox.
Ctrl + Z for undo.
Ctrl + Y for redo.
Ctrl + A and proceed to delete/backspace to clear.

Also, windows key + tab in vista is kinda cool. Takes up RAM but I can't complain..

Oh, also, windows key + m. Minimize all.

techniqueal t. said...

pretty great list sis! definitely useful keyboard shortcuts! in connection with copy/cut/paste keys, i also use "ctrl + a" for select all.


Fransiska Ike said...

^^b Good to hear that.

And thanks for all of your comments, techie.

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