15 June 2008

Childbirth, the Beginning of a New Life.

Yeah, she was born 32 days ago. I never imagined that I _am_ able to bear a child someday. The feeling is just too great to be depicted here. It's not like winning a lottery but something more.... warm.

Anastasia Novie is her name. My husband gave her that name, hoping that she will become a great woman someday. And sure, I sincerely hope she will and for that, I will try my best to guide her until she's ready.

Up until now, I am still learning about how to be a good mother. Sadly, I am still not used to change her clothes, or calm her down on certain manner quickly... My friend told me that I am not supposed to learn this quickly, but I just have the feeling I need to do so as soon as possible. After all, this is my own daughter....


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