31 August 2008

Story From HK!!! (Part 1)

-_- Well duh, sorry for the late story. I didn't have time to type all of this. So, without further ado, here's the story. This post is a subject to edit, hence you may get a notification on my blog if I do so. This is partial writing, though.


At 8 AM, we went to Hongkong using Cathay Pacific Airlines, and duh... my fear of height got the better of me. I suffered for at least 5 hours consecutively because I couldn't stand being on that altitude. It was 11km far above the land...and sea! OMG, what a nerve... Bah, I can't tell you much on this because I don't want to leave bad memory on my blog. :( As simple as that.

We arrived at Hongkong at 2 PM of local time, safely -_-. The tour guide immediately took us to local shops at the center of the town. He gave us at least 2 hours to shop around, and told us to gather at the nearest bus station after the allocated time expires. No, I didn't buy anything, it's too expensive. Even chocolate pack costs you 40k rupiahs, quite expensive.

While we are here...

I have to admit, Hongkong is quite... beautiful. It's far above Jakarta, Indonesia Capital. The roads are properly placed, the environment is clean, the traffic isn't crowded.... All of which that cannot be achieved by Jakarta.

So let's continue.

We then proceeded to gather after the time quota has had expired. The bus then took us to the Avenue Of The Stars. This is a place where you can observe half of the hongkong clearly. From the top of the building, you can see Great Lake that has high buildings as its background. The Hongkong Government has built multiple laser beams, that will only be activated at 9 PM. The lasers show is really, really spectacular. I can't describe or depict that using words (see picture for reference), you need to see it yourself.

The tour for the first day ended here. After 10 PM, crowds dispersed. Our groups all returned to Grand Plaza Hotel, it's categorized as a 5 stars hotel. :D Nice tour agent, isn't it?


We departed from hotel at 8 AM. And directly went to Jewelry Shop. And I got a very beautiful necklace from my trip to HK here. It's quite...expensive since I purchased it using HK Dollars, not Rupiahs. I bought Rat and Snake Necklaces, it's said that they bring a good luck to the wearers. I wear the Snake whereas my husband wears the Rat one.

My Chinese Zodiac isn't Snake, it's my husband's. However, since I'm married, I am not allowed to wear my own Zodiac, but my husband's Zodiac. Husband wears his wife's and wife wears her husband's. Quite strange, isn't it?

>_> Not that I believe a superstition here... but careful is better than sorry.

We spent 1 hour there, and moved quickly to Madam Tusseau.

Madam Tusseau is a museum where we can see a replica of celebrities, actors, superstars, etc. Not that interesting for me, but eh, there's one interesting object here on Tusseau. It is Ghost House. I of course wanted to give it a try, and look with my own eyes how scary Ghost House is.

I entered the entrance of the Ghost House, and the guard locked down the entrance quickly. >_> The inner room was indeed dark, sudden flashlight and lightning effect suddenly popped up here and there, added with eerie sounds as well. Just as I expected from a Ghost House. I said to myself, 'ah don't worry, let's get it straight and get the hell outta here.', but... maybe I was too overconfident. >.<>.<, and passed through the fourth door. The fourth door wasn't locked automatically, so I was a bit worried if the zombie was hunting me down because there would be no other escape route except proceeding and finishing the game. I just couldn't go back, since it wasn't allowed, and in no way I'd want to meet the zombie actor again. However, the intense pressure hasn't ended yet. After several steps, something awful burst out from wall and slammed wall forcefully, making me jumped to the right trying to avoid direct hit. It was another zombie actor, and it didn't intend to hit me, he was hitting the wall only, but I saw it as an attack. Lucky me there's a door nearby, AN EXIT!!! Before anything bad happened to my heart, I ran towards the exit at once... >_>

After I got out from that game, I already depleted all my courage and stamina... I had my husband hold my hands all the way. He laughed and said that it was the price I must pay for being so stubborn. Damn him.

And then, the next destination is Macau. But it was an optional tour, and I didn't want to do anything else due to my invalid condition. So my husband decided that we should rest at the hotel. The tour guide took the rest of us that didn't want to go to Macau to the hotel, and let us knew that there was no more agenda for that day. Phew...

I hit the bed immediately after I entered the hotel room.

Damn it...


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