31 August 2008

Story From HK!!!

Alrigthyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this is what I had been waiting for. HONGKONG DISNEYLAND!

It was a fun trip. Tour Guide took us to Disneyland at 10 AM, after he had given away the tickets (free pass for two days ticket), he said that it's up to us about what we want to do on that Disneyland.

Here was all games I played that day:
-Space Mountain
-Buzz Lightyear
-Mickey 3D Magic's Show
-Sleeping Beauty Castle
-Spectacular Fireworks Show

Space Mountain is basically a roller coaster. However, a warning displayed there 'Expectant mother should not ride' means that the game is quite extreme, and shouldn't be taken lightly. I took a ride alone (again, I am so stubborn) and my husband carried our daughter and waited outside the venue entrance. And it was a horrible one, really. Very different from Ancol's Roller Coaster. >_> <_<>.<>_> <_< I wish I could see this event everyday...

And that's it, my holiday was finally came to an end. But I was very happy (except Madam Tussau part. Blah...


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