24 September 2008

What Am I Doing Today? (Various Ramblings And Blogging Tips)

Not much since I have been a slacker since this morning. It's not because I am lazy, but because I need to think everything else regarding ISP matter again. I haven't decided anything since then....simply because I really have no idea or solution until now. Luckily (some relief, after all), I was able to install Update Accelerator for AVG (mod) correctly so... eh, I shouldn't complain about how bad this day is...since it wasnt THAT bad.... While I was seriously thinking that my mod wasn't working and wanted to give up after my first initial test, I still decided to give the damn thing a try . And I suddenly became enlightened and finished the mod codes modification in instant... Hahahah. Installed, tested it and made it available for my clients heree. Phew.

*ahem* Let's change topic.

For my blog, I switched my email subscription and RSS Feed from Feedblitz to Feedburner. The latter is much more easy to manage and... since it's a part of Google Inc, surely it is so compatible with blog platform I am using, Blogspot. Uh... I am just too fanatic with blogger, aren't I? >_> Whatever la, as long as blogger is able to fulfill virtually anything I want in a blog, heck, I don't care. I won't even give a damn attention to wordpress or typepad or anything else. Just my 2 cents, no hard feeling, kay?

I sincerely suggest you to use Feedburner to serve for your email and RSS subscriptions widget. Like BlogBackUpOnline, Feedburner is a great (and free!) tool for us bloggers. Maybe in the future, BlogBackUpOnline will need to be replaced as the contents of your blog grow, since they limit their free service by stopping the service after 5 MB quota has been reached. This is quoted from their FAQ page: 'FREEMIUM accounts are available for free. FREEMIUM accounts are limited to 5MB of storage. If your average post is 1000 characters, that should be enough to store up to 5000 posts.'

As promising as their statement is, limitation is still a limitation. But we should have enough space for a while to backup our blog contents. Another way to backup is by utilizing your own feed. Subscribe into your own feed and start copying your contents manually using it to your drive. Better be prepared than sorry. :P

In addition, since I am talking about blog now, to my surprise, someone dropped 2000 EC on my entrecard page! Another happy news for me today. Now I can buy those impossible price tags there! To help me more, drop on my card, pals, don't forget. Help this poor wife and mother! xD

*looks up*

Phew, that was quite a writing. Now let's call it a day. I still hope that I will have a good day tomorrow. It's been an intense pressures nowadays that I have. I wish, really. Pray for me, will you?


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