13 October 2008

About me -Adrian-

This post is about me, the second writer of this blog.

Copy (from my profile on blogger), then Paste (on my new post):

Not much I can say about me. I'm just an ordinary person who has a lot of un-ordinary friends, that make my life more extra ordinary ^^

Currently, I'm taking master degree in Applied IT and while learning, I'm also doing part time job at restaurant as a waiter and kitchen hand (because I love good food, and place where I work can be said as the best restaurant in town).

I also love technology and new gadgets, especially computer networking and could spend whole day just to play with my computer.

Give some extra comment:

I'm now living in an English speaking country, but I spend 50% of my time talking in my mother tongue (Indonesian), 30% talking in English with people whose mother tongue isn't English (mostly Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian), and only 20% talking English with real native people here. By the way, that 20% still divided to 75% passive listener on lectures and 25% actively talking with them.

Well.... the main point is, please pardon me for my terible imperfect English, I'm still learning :D

Ta daaaa..... Finish....


Fransiska Ike said...

:) That's good.

techniqueal t. said...

Great to know you Adrian! ^_^

Adrian said...

Gee.... Thx techniqueal t :) Nice to know you as well...

Maria^pien said...

Gue ga yakin Mr Rian seperti yang dijabarkan di atas. berhubung yang baca kayaknya jarang ngerti bhs indonesia, jd gue 'menghujat' lo pake bahasa Indonesia aja ya yan. hehehe..
api bagian pujian, nti gw tulis pk b.inggris deh. AHahahaha..
Nice post, bro.. Intinya, blog lo bagus kok. sering2 aja ya. jadi menambah kerjaan gue kalo Online. biar ga boring. Ahahahahaha

Fransiska Ike said...

I know Indonesia languange. ^^ And yes yes, this blog readers are mainly English native speakers, so probably no one except me and adrian could understand that comment of yours.

Adrian said...

LOL.. That's embarassing comment ~.~' But thanks anyway, at least you've been stopping by at this blog ^^

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Mie Helal said...

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