03 October 2008

Blogspot vs Wordpress.

Many people pick Wordpress over Blogspot. Here are their reasons:

- more professional looking
- easy to use plugins
- has support teams/forums
- has large community

I myself agree with their reasons, but still prefer to use Blogspot for ridiculously simple reason: it's Google's product, hence I only need one account to manage all. I also use Google Analytics, feedburner and email. Why do I need to remember so damn many accounts & passwords combinations if I can actually use one only? Blogspot isn't that terrible either,- It's easily costumized, loads so damn fast on my browser, and free. Heck, I won't move to WP on foreseeable future, although now I am working on shared blog (WP platform) with other bloggers on BlogCatalog website.

Or WP would be used as a backup place for my blog contents. ^^

EDIT: There's nasty problem on WP that causes import tool not to import all posts and comments from blogspot to WP. It's been confirmed as a bug.


Adrian said...

Wordpress allows its user to download the code, and use it on their own hosting, hence it more modifiable than Blogspot. But if you have to choose to host on Blogger.com or Wordpress.com, I personally will choose blogger.com, because it is more sophisticated on design, and somehow I feel it more easy to use ^^

techniqueal t. said...

I used to host my blog in wordpress. It was good for some time but I kind of missed the easy functionality only Blogger can give. So if I were to choose between Blogger or Wordpress, I'd vote for Blogger all the time ^_^

You have a wide variety of topics to post. I enjoy reading them ^_^

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