03 October 2008

Letter From Semarang: XP SP3 + Webserver.

Honestly, I didn't know that XP SP3 can't be installed from XP without any service pack. In this office branch, there were computers that didn't have any SP installed. As a results, most of them can't utilize USB drives properly. I downloaded SP3 from MS website (duh 300+ MB on 64 kbps connection), and got surprised when I knew SP3 refused to be installed on XP without any SP.

So... uh... I tried to download XP SP1, and installed it at once. Double clicked SP3 installer again after that and... it worked.. Damn it.

Webserver has been upgraded, too. Almost all report engines are now working, only few issues remaining. And since it's been upgraded, I installed also in it HmailServer to solve email traffic issues. With it, I can control anything about the email flows in this office branch with ease.

All in all, this business trip is succesfull one. This Semarang branch now has the most advanced technologies among all of my office's branches. I'll stay here for the next 4 days to ensure everything is done.

Oh wait... how about Mikrotik? Someone's gotta take care of it!