10 October 2008

bX-b0uqh3 error on receiving Blogger invitation

Hi all.. My name is Adrian, and errr... I think that's enough about me for now ^^ (Will be update about me on my profile later when I got time). I've been invited by this blog owner for being a guest writer (actually I asked for the invitation :p ), and my first post will be discussing error on receive that invitation, that happened to me yesterday.

This is screenshot taken when I try to accept the invitation

It said that I got bX-b0uqh3 error -which I don’t have any idea what that means- . Then I tried to search on Google to fix this Google problem (ironic isn’t it?). Found some article on Blogger forum, and here is their solution

Clear all cookies on your web browser, resend the invitation and try to re-open your link

First solution didn’t give satisfied result. Already clear my cookies, close my Firefox, and reopen the link. Nothing happened, still got the same error. Haven’t try to ask Sisca to resend her invitation though, but then I found another solution on different forum

  1. Change to a different browser / clear cookies
  2. Log into Blogger account
  3. Re open the link once more

and viola… No error on my screen, only showed welcome page said I’m successfully received the invitation. This solution works!! :D

There is one more thing that I discovered by this error. The blog owner (Sisca) sent the invitation to my personal email, and when I keep receiving error, I accidentally accept the invitation using my other email account. This means that the invitation can be used by other people, as long as they have Google account and got the code sent on the email.

Further on this bX-b0uqh3 error:





Fransiska Ike said...

^^ that's pretty funny post. I like it.

Adrian said...

LOL.. Funny? Is it? :D Great you like it...

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