22 October 2008

Google Page Rank

I recently opened Page Rank Checker website again, after a long time forgetting it. The first time I checked my page rank, it was zero. Yep, I had no page rank whatsoever. But today, I got 1 page rank... Good or evil? It's not like I am hunting page rank for marketing, but having decent page rank proves quite useful at times.

Then why does people care so much about their blogs page rank?

Do you know the basic rules in the internet? Have a strong affiliation with Google, and you're set. Have Google ban your site, and it means that you don't exist. The majority of the search on internet is done by Google, and if Google acknowledges you, you will gain many advantages from it. The fastest way to obtain page rank is by getting a link bank to your site from sites that have strong page rank. BlogCatalog and Technorati are good example for this. If you're aiming for a high page rank, have them link back to you. You can also get other bloggers to give link back to your blog if you know how to do so. I'll write for getting a link back from other bloggers on separate thread.

But overall, having a good content is the best way to achieve good page rank. Don't pursue link back blindly and neglect your blog... it's not worth it for content is king, and writing good content for your blog will assuredly get you page rank, sooner or later. Be patient, all successful blogs that have high Page Rank weren't success from the start so, no need to rush.

You will also need to make constant flow for your blog. I've heard complaints many times from other bloggers that have their page rank reduced considerably by Google. It's usually because they had neglected their blog for a long time (not adding contents) but there are also many other major factors... Well, Google rules here, after all Page Rank is their product. Do your best, and let Google take care the rest. ^^

And, to celebrate my puny achievement on getting 1 page rank, lemme give my thanks to the following person: Adrian (my guest writer), techniqueal, samuel, atenean and Mr. I for their kind comments. Thank you for all you've done.


Adrian said...

You're welcome Siska ^^
By the way, just let you know, I must dissapear for about 1 week. I'll start writing again after I finish this damn exam week -.-'

techniqueal t. said...

wow congrats!! ^_^ some people may not really care about PR (page rank) and PS (page strength) but i do so i truly congratulate you! well done!! ^_^

biggest factor i think is your content. you have a wide variety of topics and to be honest, i always look forward to your posts!


Fransiska Ike said...

:D Thanks alot for your support, folks. Really appreciate it.

Mr. I said...

Congratulations! And OH God! I went to the site and checked my PR. It is also 1. I have to thanks you. I was about to close the blog but now I am feeling a new energy within me. I will continue. Had I not read this post, I would have closed my first and PR1 blog!

Technomedico said...

Hi there, found you through technqueal, you know google page rank is something every blogger seems to be crazy about now a days and I am not an exception (I have even installed a firefox addon that check PR whenever it loads any site)but unfortunately I am still waiting to be ranked by google (Blogging since last 5 months)content wise my blog is not bad as techniqueal and other commenters say. No clue what to do, can you suggest something drastic? and plz do visit my blog to see how good my content is??

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