05 October 2008

Heck, I Am Home! (mikrotiktrojanyaddayada)

I really want to say so. >.< This job pulls me to the fullest extent. Eh, I am not complaining, I am paid to do so, and the money is well worth it. I still don't get spare computer for IPCOP to replace this damned Mikrotik.

Ah yes, pirated Mikrotik has trojan installed inside its Web Proxy function. I've disabled Mikrotik's Web Proxy on this branch's firewall. That's why I tend to favor IPCOP more than Mikrotik.... My company doesn't want to pay for Mikrotik license yet they want powerful and strong security. That said, Mikrotik (pirated edition) was the quickest answer to solve this kind of question. However, that edition has fatal flaw that stops its fullest use for us. Web Proxy is a MUST for 64 kbps connection, seeing we have 11 or so computer clients in this LAN. Activating it will help to save precious bandwith for browsing. And it ain't a joke. even my 128 kbps is a crap, how can they think 64 is enough? Evenmore, Symantec AV needs fast connection for its update function, since the update package is huge download. 64 kbps connection is just... miserable.

As for the electricity... Electricity is also an issue here. The electricity isn't stable, and randomly disconnected. Many electric equipments were broken because of this. I've installed Automatic Voltage Regulator but yet to work since this is holiday, and no one's using it except me. I also ordered UPS to be brought, 10 or so, and told them to install them one on each computer.

I've prepared report for all I've encountered in this branch. Hopefully, my CEO will hear my voice, soon. This situation needs to be rectified asap.


Adrian said...

Original mikrotik if you buy in Indonesia only cost 400K something right? For big company, I think that should not be a problem. Better to pay more now than get heaps of trouble later -.-'

Fransiska Ike said...

It's a matter between life and death for my company upper-level managers to purchase something 'intangible' like mikrotik. I mean, we can't physically see 'mikrotik' and it matters for them. They only want to buy 'tangible' object. :P Pretty nasty indeed.

Adrian said...

OMG... Your company doesn't have anyone that responsible for managing 'tangible' IT section? :p btw the AV, you use AV server right?

Fransiska Ike said...

Correct. Symantec AV and uh... don't ask me whether its pirated or licensed version... guess it yourself. -.-

emiy said...

u so smart...ike...!!!
teach me sis.

keep in touch...!!!"""

best regards,

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