07 October 2008

Top 3 Most Annoying Things On A Blog.

1. Auto playing background musics.

Seriously, **** off. We're not paid to hear your damned music. It's pretty ridiculous to force your visitors to hear they don't want to hear automatically.

2. Advertisements

Even with Adblock plus, ads are so hard to get rid of. And now bloggers' trend to put ads on their blog is on the way. Heh. :P I simply blacklist every blogs with ads scattered on their pages I encounter, and visit them no more.

3. Useless Widgets

Alright... don't slow down my loading time. I only have pitiful connection and often get forced to wait more than 2 mins just to open article, small in size, with javascript widgets placed on the left or right side of that article. BAH! If you really want to use javascript widgets, please pay an attention to your page's loading time. More widgets mean slower loading time. Slower loading time will drive away potential readers since they will be impatient with that.

For non bloggers: (I use flashblock to drive away stupid flash-javascript widget. You might want to try it too on your Firefox.)

There. I've posted all I wanted to say. There's no need for you to be offended. if you happen to fall under one category above. This is my blog and I reserve free speech here and will delete all offensive comments (with might be possibly posted here by those offended bloggers). Only appropriate comments will be left alone.



atenean101 said...

Very true indeed! I really agree to your points... Haha, `twas really annoying when you visit a certain site or blog and then automatically you`ll hear annoying background music, first of all how sure are they that their visitors would surely enjoy the music being played? and worst, what if their visitors hate those kind of music? Lol. Also with the widgets, truly indeed I hate to keep on waiting for a certain site or blog to load. Hello, I only have few time for internet and I don`t want to keep on waiting... worst, if I waited just for a nonsense content! Haha. The content post it what really counts and not the widgets my dear. And with regards to adds, only post those that are relevant pls... And please be reminded that it`s the content content and content that counts! Haha...

Nice post sis! I`m thinking of posting the same thing on my blog... what do you think? Hehe.

Nebz said...

Thx for dropping by my blog. Appreciate the visit.

I agree. I hate blogs laden with adverts and widgets. I also hate unattended blogs with posting that is a month old.

~ said...

I hate the first point. I've done a rant post on my blog about it.

Second one.. dont care.

Third I might be guilty of that, but they're good widgets :/

techniqueal t. said...

what a catchy title!

first one. music is fine for as long as the loading of the website doesn't suffer.

second one. i kinda dislike that too as there were posts i find real entertaining only to find myself having to scroll down just to read the entire entry.

third. i totally agree. although on the other hand, there were "useless" widgets i would really love to include in mine, load time be darned ^_^

for me, the real deal breaker is anything that slows down the page load. specifically flash embedded objects that seem to take on forever.

you have a wide variety of entries that i really find entertaining. you manage to keep a blog both in a personal yet techie cat. im a follower and i've added your link at my sidebar's TECH BLOGS/LINKS section. looking forward to reading more of your posts ^_^

Fransiska Ike said...

^^; thanks alot.

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