07 October 2008

Software Review: Firefox

The Firefox Web Browser is the faster, more secure, and fully customizable way to surf the web.

I am running poll about Firefox now. And as far as I can see, people is interested more on Firefox than IE, adding more reason for me to write for Firefox review. Here we go....

Firefox, a must have software on our PC. If you don't have it, go hang yourself on that corner. :) As for the most current version, as this article is written, is 3.0.3 version. Now, where shall I start? Whatever... I guess I'll start with 'Top 3 reasons to use Firefox", rite?

1. Firefox is faster than any browser available nowadays. It loads fast and efficient, making it's extremely popular among browsers nowadays. The only competitor on this area is Google's Chrome.
2. Firefox is customizable. You can add plugins, skins/themes or even develop them yourself.
3. Firefox's goddamn interfaces is user-friendly. Multitab is a handy tool as well.
4. .... I only promised 3 list, didn't I?


Hmm, I could make longer list but I think you have to dig for them yourself. Once you attached to it, you won't even go back to IE, if you were IE user. Chrome is a better option, just in case you want to use alternate browser.

If you're concerned about its security, Firefox is pretty secure on its own. There are also many plugins you can add to it to enhance its security measurement. NoScript and Adblock Plus are just a prime examples. Go take a look on Firefox website, you'd be surprised with lots of excellent add-ons to help you costumize your Firefox.

Firefox native functions are great too, this but no limited to One-Click Bookmarking, Session Restore and Full Zoom. If you are a type of person that loves to bookmark websites, Firefox's bookmark function should serve you well. Session Restore helps in case of accidental crashes, I got saved many times by it ( do note that I'm an 'expert' destroyer... >_>).

But wait. As usual as any major programs have, Firefox is bad on memory management. :P I left it overnight, leaving 3 tabs open, and on the next morning Firefox ended up using 178 MB of my RAM. Duh... If they're able to fix it, I think it will be the greatest browser, soon. This is the only negative value Firefox hasBUT since it's negative one, I can't give it 10 score... (poor Firefox...)

Score: 9/10

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...how come that I've written so many articles related to Firefox but just reviewed the main software today? Silly me... >_>


Adrian said...

One thing that bugs me on Firefox is it doesn't support Active X. As you know, several webs (brainwashed by microsoft), using Active X a lot :( But you can trick this one, using an addons on Firefox, to open an IE tab inside Firefox :) But it sounds silly to me. Better to have 2 browser in one computer, Firefox for daily usage, and IE for 'un usual' usage ^^

Fransiska Ike said...

IETab, yes. I have it already but forgot to mention it on my post up there.. darn it...

compare motor trade insurance said...

yes you rightly said that firefox is the best browser now a days. It loads the pages very quickly. Everyone should install it on their pc.

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