08 October 2008

Wacraft 3: Maps I'm Currently Playing

Here are the list of the maps I play daily:

- Night of the Dead
- Dawn of the Dead
- Fight of Characters
- Naruto Battle Royal

Yes yes, there's no DotA on the list. I'm tired playing it. For now, Naruto Battle Royal and Fight of Characters are too exciting to be passed up. ^^ The first two map are survival-type maps. It's like Resident Evil where you have to survive fighting against horde of zombies and another nasty creatures while collecting experience and ranks. The progress (rank& exp accumulated) can be saved for later use. They're good games for the long run whereas FoC and NBR are just a short game that can be addicting for dota replacement.

However FYI (see? I'm so damn kind to tell you this /narcist), the newest dota has been released. Go check www.getdota.com if you're interested. It's 6.55 versionn.


~ said...

Tree tag for the friggin win.

Fransiska Ike said...

Ah yeah... old Tree tag. Maybe I'll put its link or even review it soon. Help me by posting official website link here. :P

~ said...

hiveworkshop.com, tapi dia udah pake versi 6.84 ato brp, which is more like tropical tag now.

yg masih dimaenin is version 5.13.

Anonymous said...

treetag and fufu ninja ftw for me!
nuff said

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