13 October 2008

Unique Rego

Here are some unique registration numbers that I found and snapped using my cell phone ^^ I think these cars are owned by too wealthy very creative Indonesian student as each rego has a meaning in Indonesian language.
Ngkong. This is how some Indonesian people call their grandfather. I met this car at plaza parking lot. I took its photo while I'm walking, but hey, the quality is still good :)

Kotak, means square. I met this car on parking line outside my campus building several times. This car is so cute and the color proposion is very balance. Love it.

Bali.. Is this term sounds familiar? :D Blue (or turquoise?) Subaru Impreza, met once at parking lot outside the train station.

Interesting fact: I found several unique rego in here using Indonesian and Chinese language. But never found any in English language.. So, the conclusion: Asian people are more creative? or maybe more humourist? ^^

p.s:If the owner of this car want his/her name to be written on this post, please feel free to contact me or Siska.


Anastasia said...

its really interested, but the cost for it is really expensive.

Fransiska Ike said...

Whoa.... Those rego cars are very unique. Their owners must be rich. -.-

Adrian said...

Yes.... Sometimes the rego is more expensive than the car -.-' I couldn't afford it now, but I guess later (after I settle and get good job) I will get one like that :D Hmmm....

Fransiska Ike said...

Well duh... Why would someone want to get unique/special rego like that? For pride?

They should all throw their money spent for that to me. =O

Adrian said...

Siska, I just found that customize rego is not that expensive here (especially for wealthy international student :D ). Here is screenshot when I try to 'order' my rego.

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