13 October 2008

Other (aka unknown...) Web Browsers.

I'm running poll and as you can see, there are still people that chose 'others' as their vote. I forgot to include Safari, Konqueror and Flock there but to be quite honest, I don't know if there's still any popular browsers I missed to put on that poll. If you know any other browsers other than I listed here, let me know by dropping your comment in this post.


Adrian said...

Avant brower. One thing that I like from this browser is it has online saving facility where you can save your bookmark, password, setting, etc. Very useful when you have more than one computers. Also it supports active X, because it is using IE engine. Other features: Ad blocker, pop up blocker, mouse gestures, elegant skin choices :D

Anastasia said...

you have listed the most popular browser so far and and like adrian said avant is one of it and you should add it ;)
my choice Firefox :)

techniqueal t. said...

You've done a great list of the most popular ones. Hmmm, I voted OTHERS too as I use Flock and SeaMonkey. ^_^

~ said...

In fact I was here to post avant browser.

Mr. I said...

Maxthon and K-Meleon are other noticable ones!

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